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  1. Ben
    15 January 2017 @ 0611

    Can it be that everything about this set, other than the headset and the chestpiece, is completely new?


  2. Richard Marens
    16 January 2017 @ 2031

    I can’t send this to my alts, can I?


    • D. Rose
      16 January 2017 @ 2112

      Sadly, no.


    • Prov
      17 January 2017 @ 0817

      If you’re only interested in the chestpiece, you can get the Remnant Underworld Agent chestpiece from the Alliance Supply Crates, as seen in the similar sets! That’s all I recognize, though.


      • Richard Marens
        17 January 2017 @ 0821

        Noted; thank you.


  3. Anonymous
    11 October 2019 @ 0649

    Really late to the party but this set was an exact copy of the intelligence officer one in everything but the chest, they just changed the coloring a bit


  4. gua543
    11 October 2019 @ 0949

    It’s the intelligence officer set with a re-colored Underworld chestpiece.


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