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  1. Steve
    6 December 2015 @ 1432

    Man I usually don’t even like this race but the pics you post makes me want one lol. I really liked the other set with this ex-chiss who now has a starfish on her head lol. Think I may play around with the character creator… maybe a Gunslinger or another class where the tendril thingies on her head won’t clip.


  2. Steve
    13 January 2016 @ 0232

    Hey can you put the numbers up for the face here? I don’t have the best vision and I like the lekku color you chose. Thanks a lot whether you do or not I just love the pics 🙂


    • Aeden
      27 March 2016 @ 0901

      I’d be using this girl more but the “tendrils?” are clipping madness on some of my favourite armors. Once again, sorry for the late response.


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