Vintage Brawler


Female (buttflap bugged in preview)

Vintage Brawler - Female CloseVintage Brawler - Female FrontVintage Brawler - Female BackVintage Brawler - Female RightVintage Brawler - Female Left

Vintage Brawler - Female Close 2Vintage Brawler - Female Front 2Vintage Brawler - Female Back 2Vintage Brawler - Female Right 2Vintage Brawler - Female Left 2

Male (buttflap bugged in preview)

Vintage Brawler - Male CloseVintage Brawler - Male FrontVintage Brawler - Male BackVintage Brawler - Male RightVintage Brawler - Male Left

Vintage Brawler - Male Close 2Vintage Brawler - Male Front 2Vintage Brawler - Male Back 2Vintage Brawler - Male Right 2Vintage Brawler - Male Left 2


Chest Vintage Brawler Battle Harness
Hands Vintage Brawler Gauntlets
Waist Vintage Brawler Belt
Legs Vintage Brawler Greaves
Feet Vintage Brawler Boots
Wrists Vintage Brawler Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Pursuer’s Bounty Pack


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