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  1. Triple Zero
    30 July 2014 @ 1314

    Eh? This sure looks a lot like the Orlean Patriot to me.


    • Exiled Messenger
      30 July 2014 @ 1316

      They are probably using placeholder images on the PTS right now. Once it goes live, we’ll update with in-game shots.


      • Triple Zero
        8 August 2014 @ 1752

        So perhaps there were placeholder images because this is a new speeder model? It sure doesn’t look like one I’ve seen before.


  2. Arby
    30 August 2014 @ 0646

    This is my favorite now. Love the animation of it closing in around you when you mount and the sound… brings back fond memories of the Zam Wessel speeder in SWG


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