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  1. yellow-power ftw
    26 October 2014 @ 1249

    the specific isnt anywhere yet.


  2. Astyra
    2 November 2014 @ 1342

    I can tell everyone’s gonna be crazy about this speeder. I know I am!!
    Also could someone explain to me what the Guild Purchase means? I’ve
    never seen that before. Does it give one to every member of the guild or
    unlock the decoration for the guild HQ?


    • Exiled Messenger
      3 November 2014 @ 0834

      Cost for Guild Purchase is how much it costs to purchase it as a decoration for a Guild HQ or ship. There is nothing in game that allows you to mass purchase items for guild members.


      • Astyra
        3 November 2014 @ 1119

        Okay, thanks for the info.
        Although, I still can’t figure out why they decided to make speeders into decorations as well.


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