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  1. Arclinon
    15 May 2012 @ 1958

    Imperial looks like Alien, shredders secret love child  Republic… Samurai… In SPAAACEEEE  seriously i will yell Banzai before every wz when i get complete set


  2. Gusty
    17 May 2012 @ 2139

    I have full War Hero set. It isn’t black like the picture is shown. Its brown with blue trim. WTF? I WANT BLACK!


    • dulfy
      17 May 2012 @ 2211

      Unfortunately, in this case i think the poor lighting condition made the set look black. This was before I learned that the Republic fleet has some terrible lighting conditions 🙁


      • Oragedenuit
        14 June 2012 @ 2301

        Actually, i’ve seen this set (and the other consular ones) variying from light brown to black… A little bit like the Aspiring Knight’s vest one. Glitch or intended? That is the question :s


  3. Tzutzu
    8 January 2017 @ 1719

    Hello there , 2017 here xD. I got 2 pieces of the orange set (custom) “War Hero’s Stalker” long time ago and I don’t remember how. I saw that is not available anymore but with schematics , can someone explain? I want at least the chest. 🙁


    • Exiled Messenger
      8 January 2017 @ 1725

      Some of the old PvE and PvP gear could be reverse-engineered by crafters to learn a schematic for an orange shell (no AMEs) of that piece. War Hero was one of these. You would need to find someone that had done this prior to Game Update 2.0 in April 2013 when War Hero disappeared from the game or hope to find one on the GTN.


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