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  1. w1w1w
    23 August 2015 @ 1042

    Advanced White-Black Indestructible Crystal collection unlock: 400CC
    (the others maybe also 400 CC)

    I somebody needs to know…


  2. Gorobe
    24 August 2015 @ 1507

    Is there any way to obtain one of those now when those packs are no longer available in cartel shop, and no one sell them in auction house?


  3. John Doe
    2 January 2016 @ 0231

    the rarest and most expensive crystal to date. ( most gorgeous also 😀 )


  4. Brendan Bellina
    27 August 2019 @ 1412

    In several of the sabers including the Tulak Hord saber and the Twisted Fang saber and saberstaff this crystal will make the blade appear nearly black rather than white.


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