TOR Fashion

World Drops

Much of the static armor world drops have four versions, one force and one tech version for both imperial and republic. Each of these versions have a number of modifiers that correspond to the tertiary stats available for the item. All of the modifier versions look the same, so there is only a post for the base item. If you can’t find the particular version you are looking for, drop the first 1-3 words and look for just the base item. The modifiers are all listed on the base post.

Many static pieces don’t have a dye slot, but can be color matched. The dyed images remain on those posts so you can see which parts color match.

I would like to thank Kyne of Jedi Covenant for getting this page started and working through the modifiers and D. Rose of The Shadowlands for submitting nearly every other image on this page. Without their work, we might never have gotten a chance to add the World Drop static sets to the site.