Xafyra’s Guss Tuno – The Harbinger

    • Companion: ‘s Guss Tuno of The Harbinger
    • Submitted by: Atlantic

Xafyra welcomed Guss into the Alliance with open arms. Now she isn’t so sure. Here’s what happened to him.

Captions for the pictures are:

1-“Guss, we should discuss your training.”

2-“I got you your own, official, Jedi uniform!”

3-“I’m sending you to an exciting planet to hone your skills.”

4-“Don’t worry, there will be plenty of water…”

5-“…Lots of things to do…”

6,7,8-“…Interesting people to meet…”

9-“…and you can return whenever you wish.”

10-“There will be others exactly like you.”

11-“They even have that art technology you like. Etch a…something.”

12,13,14-“So enjoy everything the planet has to offer.”

15-“…But don’t forget to master your skills.”


Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head &
Chest Shasa Adherent None & None
Hands &
Waist &
Legs &
Feet &
Wrists &
Weapon Choose crystal color

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