Xalek CloseXalek

“A Kaleesh warrior who was captured by the Empire in battle and brought to Korriban to train as a Sith, Xalek prefers to let his actions speak in place of words. Before even reaching Korriban, Xalek had killed several of his fellow slaves who were also intended for training–a bold statement by any measure. Xalek melds his training as a Kaleesh warrior with a firm belief in the Sith Code. He kills without remorse and is an expert student of lightsaber technique and martial combat.”


Character ClassSith Inquisitor
RecruitedChapter 3 - Voss
Recruited KotFEAlliance Specialists
Primary WeaponDouble-bladed Lightsaber
Armor SlotsYes
Stronghold DecorationMounts, Pets and Companions – Companions
Hook TypeFloor Small, Floor Medium, Floor Medium Narrow


#1 – Ilum Security Key Vendor

35,000 credits

Xalek 1 Close Xalek 1

#2 – Ilum Security Key Vendor

35,000 credits

Xalek 2 Close Xalek 2

#3 – Apprentice’s Shadow Pack

Xalek 3 CloseXalek 3

Where to Obtain:

Planet Zone Section Vendor Coordinates
Ilum SK Imperial Orbital Station Lieutenant Oarr (979, 0)