Character – Xjaw’os – Jedi Covenant – Shadow


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Head Not visible
Chest Cassus Fett’s Body Armor Black and Deep Blue
Hands Traditional Thermoweave Gloves Color Matched
Waist Classic Trailblazer’s Belt Color Matched
Legs Atton Rand’s Pants Color Matched
Feet Elder Exemplar’s Boots Color Matched
Wrists Oriconian Duelist MK-1 Bracers Color Matched
Weapon Devastator’s Double-bladed Lightsaber Advanced Black-Blue Hawkeye Crystal
Offhand Not visible

Where to Obtain:

Chest: Pursuer’s Bounty Pack

Hands: Synthweaving – level 27

Waist: Space Pirate’s Cartel Pack

Legs: Pursuer’s Bounty Pack

Feet: Random drop – Hoth

Bracers: Ultimate PvE Vendor

Weapon: Black Market/Crime Lords’ Cartel Pack

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