Character – Yashela – The Red Eclipse – Guardian

Submitted by: Jani Borda


YS15YS11 YS13YS14YS12


Head Sovereign Mind Headgear Color Matched
Chest Minimalist Gladiator Chestguard Secondary Gray
Hands Relaxed Vestments Handwraps Color Matched
Waist Imperial Away Belt Color Matched
Legs Guardian’s Renowned Greaves Color Matched
Feet Guardian’s Renowned Bracers Color Matched
Wrists Carth Onasi’s Bracers Color Matched
Weapon Not listed
Offhand Not visible

Where to Obtain:

Head: Nar Shaddaa Planetary Comm Vendor

Chest: Contractor’s/Freelancer’s Bounty Pack

Hands: Archon’s Contraband Pack

Waist: Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack

Legs: Legacy Vendor – level 10

Feet: Legacy Vendor – level 10

Wrists: Regulator’s/Enforcer’s Contraband Pack

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