Yavin Boltblaster / Demolisher / Med-tech MK-1 (Pub)


Jet Pack Info


Yavin Trooper - Female CloseYavin Trooper - Female FrontYavin Trooper - Female BackYavin Trooper - Female RightYavin Trooper - Female Left


Yavin Trooper - Male CloseYavin Trooper - Male FrontYavin Trooper - Male BackYavin Trooper - Male RightYavin Trooper - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Yavin Trooper Female Body ArmorYavin Trooper Female LegplatesYavin Trooper Female Boots

Yavin Trooper Female HelmetYavin Trooper Female Gauntlets

Yavin Trooper Female BeltYavin Trooper Female Bracers

Yavin Trooper Male Body ArmorYavin Trooper Male LeggingsYavin Trooper Male Boots

Yavin Trooper Male HelmetYavin Trooper Male Gauntlets

Yavin Trooper Male BeltYavin Trooper Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow
Yavin Trooper Dyed



Head Yavin Boltblaster’s MK-1 Helmet
Chest Yavin Boltblaster’s MK-1 Body Armor
Hands Yavin Boltblaster’s MK-1 Gauntlets
Waist Yavin Boltblaster’s MK-1 Belt
Legs Yavin Boltblaster’s MK-1 Leggings
Feet Yavin Boltblaster’s MK-1 Boots
Wrists Yavin Boltblaster’s MK-1 Bracers


Head Yavin’s Med-tech’s MK-1 Helmet
Chest Yavin Med-tech’s MK-1 Body Armor
Hands Yavin Med-tech’s MK-1 Gauntlets
Waist Yavin Med-tech’s MK-1 Belt
Legs Yavin Med-tech’s MK-1 Legplates
Feet Yavin Med-tech’s MK-1 Boots
Wrists Yavin Med-tech’s MK-1 Bracers


Head Yavin Demolisher’s MK-1 Helmet
Chest Yavin Demolisher’s MK-1 Body Armor
Hands Yavin Demolisher’s MK-1 Gauntlets
Waist Yavin Demolisher’s MK-1 Belt
Legs Yavin Demolisher’s MK-1 Legplates
Feet Yavin Demolisher’s MK-1 Boots
Wrists Yavin Demolisher’s MK-1 Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Basic PvE Vendor


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces