Yavin Duelist / Force-healer / Force-lord MK-1 (Pub)



Yavin Consular - Female CloseYavin Consular - Female FrontYavin Consular - Female BackYavin Consular - Female RightYavin Consular - Female Left


Yavin Consular - Male CloseYavin Consular - Male FrontYavin Consular - Male BackYavin Consular - Male RightYavin Consular - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Yavin Consular Female RobeYavin Consular Female LegwrapsYavin Consular Female Boots

Yavin Consular Female HeadgearYavin Consular Female Handwraps

Yavin Consular Female BracersYavin Consular Female Sash

Yavin Consular Mmale RobeYavin Consular Mmale LegwrapsYavin Consular Mmale Boots

Yavin Consular Mmale HeadgearYavin Consular Mmale Handwraps

Yavin Consular Mmale BracersYavin Consular Mmale Sash


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Yavin Consular Dyed



HeadYavin Force-lord’s MK-1 Headgear
ChestYavin Force-lord’s MK-1 Vestments
HandsYavin Force-lord’s MK-1 Gloves
WaistYavin Force-lord’s MK-1 Sash
LegsYavin Force-lord’s MK-1 Lower Robe
FeetYavin Force-lord’s MK-1 Boots
WristsYavin Force-lord’s MK-1 Bracers


HeadYavin Force-healer’s MK-1 Headgear
ChestYavin Force-healer’s MK-1 Robe
HandsYavin Force-healer’s MK-1 Handwraps
WaistYavin Force-healer’s MK-1 Sash
LegsYavin Force-healer’s MK-1 Legwraps
FeetYavin Force-healer’s MK-1 Boots
WristsYavin Force-healer’s MK-1 Cuffs


HeadYavin Duelist’s MK-1 Headgear
ChestYavin Duelist’s MK-1 Robe
HandsYavin Duelist’s MK-1 Handwraps
WaistYavin Duelist’s MK-1 Sash
LegsYavin Duelist’s MK-1 Legwraps
FeetYavin Duelist’s MK-1 Boots
WristsYavin Duelist’s MK-1 Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Basic PvE Vendor


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces