Yuuhi – Jedi Covenant

    • Character: Yuuhi of Jedi Covenant
    • Smuggler: Gunslinger
    • Submitted by: Kyne

Captain Yuuhi on a mission to obtain funds for a better outfit.
(I always loved the color effects of Death Claw’s armor, and when I saw the Merc Slicer pieces, I had to go for it.)


ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadExiled Revolutionary’s GogglesYes&Disavowed Pack
ChestDeath’s Claw ArmorNone & NoneSocial IV set from Taris social vendor
HandsMercenary Slicer’s GlovesYes&Anarchist Pack
WaistShrewd Rascal’s BeltYes&Club Vertiga Nightlife Pack
LegsMercenary Slicer’s PantsYes&Anarchist Pack
FeetMercenary Slicer’s BootsYes&Anarchist Pack
WeaponHK-55’s Blaster PistolChoose crystal colorSubscriber reward
OffhandCitadel Targeter’s MK-2 Offhand BlasterChoose crystal colorZiost Equipment Vendor

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