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“Even in an organization as diverse as the Republic Army, Yuun stands out. A member of the Gand species, Yuun is a Findsman, a type of shamanistic tracker held in very high regard among his people. He applies his unusual training to technical tasks of every kind, resulting in a success record unmatched by any other technician in the military.
As effective as Yuun’s methods are, they rarely meet with understanding or approval from his fellow soldiers, but he found a home in Havoc Squad. When his commanding officer went missing, Yuun searched Wild Space for a year, finding nothing. Saddened by his friend’s apparent death, he left the Republic military to study the technology of Zakuul and follow a new path.”

Character ClassTrooper
RecruitedChapter 2 - Hoth
Recruited KotFEAlliance Specialists
Primary WeaponTechblade
Armor SlotsYes
Stronghold DecorationMounts, Pets and Companions – Companions
Hook TypeFloor Small, Floor Medium, Floor Medium Narrow


#1 – Ilum Security Vendor

20,000 credits

Yuun 1 Close Yuun 1

#2 – Mid Rim Explorer’s Pack

Yuun FrontYuun BackYuun SideYuun 2

Plagued – THORN Reputation Vendor

8 x Rakghoul DNA Canister


Where to Obtain:

Planet Zone Section Vendor Coordinates
Ilum SK Republic Orbital Station Captain Kneely (-1021, 1)