Zhariman – Star Forge

  • Character: Zhariman of Star Forge
  • Sith Warrior: Juggernaut
  • Submitted by: King Smoothie

Zhariman, The Galactic Wander

Redeemed Warrior

Lightsaber – Started red, but was healed overtime as Zhariman shifted his views.

ItemNameColor Matched? /TuningDye/Crystal Color(s)Source
ChestValiant Jedi Body ArmorSecondary GrayGTN/Cartel Market
HandsB-400 Cybernetic GauntletsNoWhite and Gray DyesaGTN/Cartel Market
WaistValiant Jedi BeltYesGTN/Cartel Market
LegsB-400 Cybernetic PantsYesGTN/Cartel Market
FeetB-400 Cybernetic BootsYesGTN/Cartel Market
WristsB-400 Cybernetic BracersNoWhite and GrayGTN/Cartel Market
WeaponZiost Guardian's LightsaberOvercharged Weapon TuningAdvanced White Eviscerating CrystalGTN/Cartel Market