Zilenia – The Harbinger

    • Character: Zilenia of The Harbinger
    • Jedi Knight: Sentinel
    • Submitted by: Hunter

Just got the Fallen Knight title and figured I’d try to go for a look of a Jedi that has fallen to the darkside, think this one works pretty well.

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ItemNameColor Matched?Dye/Crystal Color(s)Source
HeadTrophy Hunter’s MaskYesNone & NoneGTN
ChestRemnant Dreadguard Inquisitor’s RobeBlack & Dark BlueAlliance Crates
HandsRemnant Dreadguard Inquisitor’s GlovesYesNone & NoneAlliance Crates
WaistRemnant Yavin Bounty Hunter’s BeltYesNone & NoneAlliance Crates
LegsRemnant Resurrected Inquisitor’s Lower RobeYesNone & NoneAlliance Crates
FeetRemnant Resurrected Agent’s BootsYesNone & NoneAlliance Crates
WristsRemnant Dreadguard Consular’s CuffsYesNone & NoneAlliance Crates
WeaponVile Force Sentinel LightsaberBlueGTN
OffhandVile Force Sentinel LightsaberBlueGTN

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