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  1. anoneemoose
    27 July 2016 @ 2226

    Nice outfit, I actually use something very similar myself. Rohlan’s helmet works great with the headhunter set since the headhunter helmet itself is based in that helmet.


    • Atlantic
      28 July 2016 @ 0655

      Looks good. I approached mine with having some kind of red in it because the helmet has a permanent red streak. Also, I wanted the cloth on the legs to match the top. I also went for more of a ‘Jango’ looking belt. I really like what you did with the wrists on yours, by the way. It makes the sleeves look like they end at the hands.


  2. Macleod
    28 July 2016 @ 1025

    Every time I see that chest piece, I die a little inside because the cape is like a piece of cardboard and I’ll never use it in any of my outfits…I tried, but no, just no.


    • Atlantic
      28 July 2016 @ 1806

      I don’t mind the cape. It doesn’t clip. The various upper and lower robes in the game are all a little stiff. It’s not my favorite because of the large areas that don’t dye (like the arms).


  3. Onerio
    27 August 2016 @ 0850

    Really love the mix of the helmet and the body piece. The gloves and bracer are great too. Going to have to play around with it as I never thought of using the Rohlan Dyre’s Helmet.


    • Atlantic
      27 August 2016 @ 1206

      The helmet looks good with it. I just can’t find the right boots.


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